Guide to Upgrading MACH3 Engraving Machine to M002-16A-16B Offline Motion Controller

The M002-16A-16B offline motion controller is a high-performance four-axis linkage controller featuring a 32-bit MPU, LCD display, and user-friendly window-type interface. Known for its high reliability, precision, noise-free operation, and ease of use, it is suitable for CNC equipment such as engraving machines, lathes, milling machines, and drilling machines.

Upgrade Method

If your engraving machine currently uses the MACH3 USB interface board and you wish to upgrade to the M002-16A-16B controller, here is a detailed guide on how to proceed:

Power Port Connection

The M002-16A-16B controller supports a wide voltage input of 12-24V.

Connect the positive terminal of the original 24V power supply to the 24V+ terminal of the M002 controller, and the negative terminal to GND.

Connect the PE grounding terminal to the machine chassis to enhance electrostatic and interference resistance.

Connecting the Frequency Converter (Inverter)

The original machine’s frequency converter has three wires: FWD (forward control), GND, and 0-10V.

Connect these wires to the O1, GND, and 0-10V ports of the M002 controller, respectively.

Configure the G-code to use the M03 command for spindle clockwise rotation, utilizing the 01 port. Typically, the FWD control of the frequency converter is low-level effective, set the level to 0.

Set delay values and maximum speed (MaxS) as per your requirements. 24000

Coolant Pump Control

The original machine controls the coolant pump using a relay, which should be connected to the O2 port of the M002 controller.

Use the M08 command in G-code to control the coolant pump.

Axis Pulse Signal

The M002-16A-16B controller outputs differential pulse signals suitable for stepper and servo drives.

Ensure not to connect devices with differential input requirements higher than 5V.

Connecting Input Ports

Connect the original machine’s 5 input port wires to the I1-I5 input ports of the M002 controller.

These ports are typically used for functions like origin and tool setting inputs.

Handwheel Interface

The original machine’s handwheel interface is a DB15 port. Connect it to the corresponding port on the M002 controller based on the pin definitions.

Parameter Settings

In addition to hardware connections, configure parameters on the M002-16A-16B controller, including axis settings, input function configurations, and handwheel settings. Refer to the relevant user manual and tutorials for detailed setup instructions.


Follow these steps to smoothly upgrade your existing MACH3 engraving machine to the M002-16A-16B offline motion controller, enabling stable operation over extended periods and convenient operation. For technical support, consult the manufacturer’s documentation or contact their technical support team for assistance.

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