MPG controller with a rotary encoder

I want to change the hand wheel from MPG controller with a rotary encoder, but the issue is that the software was limited at 15000 steps and after that, i need to let and push again the side button or change the axis/speed and let me another 15000. Theoretical these settings of 15000 can be … Read more

F+,F-, S+, S-, D+, D-

Basically we can run the program, we can move axis but, keys F+,F-, S+, S-, D+, D- does not working F+ F- is the feed value addition and subtraction S+ S- is the spindle speed plus and minus D+D- currently reserved, no function

Does it support end stops?

I have some questions about the SMC5-5-NN. Does it support end stops?A probe? Can you assign buttons? Eg: probe position, tool change position,Home? SMC5 does not support probes. Buttons that can be connected externally, on the IO setting menu G43 is only supported on SMC5 usage:Need to set tool data on the system Call G43 directly after selecting the tool in the program

Is it possible that he meant the ModBus interface?

the guy in this video said in the comments that he wired his proma thc to the MPG port of the controller.  Is it possible that he meant the ModBus interface? Please send me a pinout of that port.  How else could a thc be wired to the controller? You advertised the controller as to be able to control plasma tables.  This one on the video is 4-axis, it doesn’t support MPG, nor ModBUS. It just connected the quick IO Only these functions can be connected externally I am not sure how to connect a “torch on” signal via the output ports.  I would like to do that with a relay but how do I tell the controller to send that signal via the connected port? Is that done in the G code?  Could you give me a short example please?  DC+ connects to power, DC- connects to GND, IN connects to OUTFor example, connect to OUT1Relay module is set to low effective M201G04P3000M101 This code is to close the relay after 3 seconds.The output of M10x is virtual high, which can be regarded as the internal electronic switch is turned off, and the output of M20x is low, which can be regarded as the internal electronic switch is turned on and the current flows into the ground (GND). X is the OUT port number It is better to use relay module instead of relay.The solid state relay is + connected to power supply, – connected to out port

After stopping the G02 instruction, the milling motor goes through the path twice

I use two SMC5-5-N-N controllers. For both controllers, I find that after stopping the G02 instruction, the milling motor (with the M05 instruction) goes through the path twice. Delete row M05 to cut the circle once. This is true even if you have M04 or M101 instead of M05.What could be the problem and the solution? After pausing, it’s best to select the line before the breakpoint line, the controller can’t know exactly where you paused

what post processor can i use with smc5 – 5-N-N

what post processor can i use with smc5 – 5-N-NIn fusin 360cad camAfter wiring a two motor y gantry in parallel driver and motor with single signal, is there any way to wire two limit switches to auto square y axes with x axes? Mach3 post-processing can be selected in fusion 360 Double Y-axis cannot be automatically balanced, unless you add a circuit to identify itIf it is just a limit, you can make 2 limit switches in series or parallel

How to change metric to inch ( G20 AND G21 )

SMC5-5-N-N how to change   metric to inch ( G20  AND G21 )my controller   not not  display G53  display only  to G59Gwhere can download  latest firmware contains backlash settings and G53 These instructions are not supported

SMC5-5-5-N-N controller set slave the A axis to Y axis

I just received my smc5-5-5-n-n controller. I cannot find The settings to be able to slave the A axis to the Y axis. My CNC machine has 2 stepper Motors on the Y axis typically you slave the A axis to the Y axis. How do you solve this problem? There is no such function, butCan connect two axis drive signals in parallel, or use an expansion board