Does it support end stops?

I have some questions about the SMC5-5-NN. Does it support end stops?
A probe? Can you assign buttons? Eg: probe position, tool change position,Home?

SMC5 does not support probes. Buttons that can be connected externally, on the IO setting menu

G43 is only supported on SMC5

Need to set tool data on the system

Call G43 directly after selecting the tool in the program

6 thoughts on “Does it support end stops?”

  1. I have a home switch and an end switch.home switch triggers –> reset button
    but if the end switches trigger ,reset button does not work .
    how do i get my cnc out of limit switches mode

  2. We are installing our SMC5 currently but can not find any information in the users manual in ref to Probes. We can see set up in machine config but no info on how to do it.
    Can you explain the 2 Probe modes “First Probe” and “Work Probe” are we able to set up a wireless Touch Probe to find stock edges and centres like most other controllers Mach3-4, NC Studio and MASSO.
    Thanks Marty

  3. Thats no good at all, why would a CNC controller not support any form of Probing. Isn’t accurate probing a critical part of set up of stock and flipping of work pieces? Looks like its the Masso Controller for us. Thanks anyway.

  4. My controller outputs only -.5 volts DC, when triggered it then puts out .5 volts DC? Expected 0 to 5 volts DC. 5 volts out pin is correct. Is unit defective?


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