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MPG controller with a rotary encoder

I want to change the hand wheel from MPG controller with a rotary encoder, but the issue is that the software was limited at 15000 steps and after that, i need to let and push again the side button or change the axis/speed and let me another 15000.

Theoretical these settings of 15000 can be changed from factory menu, but I don’t have the access code for that zone.

Can you help me, or do you have any other solution?

MGP is currently designed is this
After reaching 15000, release the side control switch and press it again to restart the count. If there is no side control switch, you can only switch the gear to clear it.

2 thoughts to “MPG controller with a rotary encoder”

  1. Hello
    I have a question for the SMC5-5-n-n controller :

    is it possible to connect an external switch for the feedrate?
    does the control have a single block function in automatic modus?

    thanks in advance

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