Offline CNC Controller


What’s offline cnc controller?

It is cnc standalone controller without pc or software required.Compared with the traditional mach3 controller, the offline controller is more convenient and intuitive.

Offline cnc controller has the functions of computer and motion control card, can work without connecting the motion control card to the computer. It only needs to remove the old control card and connect the drive directly to the offline controller.

The two types of cnc controllers are connected in the same way, but the offline controller eliminates the need to open the computer to read the tool path and work again. The offline controller has a G- that can directly read the U disk or TF card code file, some offline cnc controllers can take over the wheel.

The advantages of the offline controller are simplicity, convenience, and reduced interference.

Offline cnc controller vs PC

Offline CNC Controller

  • Offline controller is more stable and easier to operate than mach3
  • Does not take up space, fast boot
  • Offline control can directly read the tool file of U disk and directly engrave
  • Support power off and engraving function

Mach3 CNC Controller

  • A computer is needed to configure the port and set the baud rate
  • Will cause interference and other problems
  • Do not run other programs, it may cause the computer to respond slowly, affecting the engraving
  • Support the network

ShaoGe CNC Controller

ShaoGeCNC” Controller Using high-performance 32-bit CPU, equipped with liquid crystal display, humanized window man-machine interface, the memory uses an external TF card, the storage space is greater than 2G, the working voltage and control voltage are isolated, and the touch-type keyboard is used. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, low noise and easy operation.


SMC4-4-16a16b offline cnc 4 axis controller with 4.3-inch LCD screen, using high-performance 32-bit CPU, can be connected to a TF card with a capacity greater than 2G, this system has high reliability, high accuracy, low noise, and operation Convenience.

SMC4-4-16a16b offline cnc controller
best standalone cnc controller


SMC5-5-N-N offline cnc 5 axis controller is an upgraded version of the SMC4-4-16a16b. It supports 5-axis linkage, built-in 8G TF card, and can also be connected to a U disk. It also has a 7-inch LCD screen and supports short-line continuous carving. And the function of storing coordinates when power is off, also added an interface to support handwheel. The maximum pulse output frequency of 5 axes can be 500KHz at the same time.

SMC5-5-N-N offline cnc controller
best standalone cnc controller