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M002-16A-16B CNC Controller for Engraving Machine – 4 Axis Relief Drilling and Milling Machine (Engraving Edition)


The M002-16A-16B offline motion controller features a high-performance 32-bit MPU with an LCD and a user-friendly, window-based human-machine interface. It has an internal 2048KB flash memory and supports external storage via USB and TF card interfaces. The system is operated through a touch-sensitive keyboard, offering high reliability, precision, low noise, and ease of use.

This offline motion controller supports four-axis linkage, utilizing a multi-micro-segment lookahead control algorithm to achieve four-axis linear interpolation and multi-micro-segment continuous interpolation, along with power-off resume carving control. The clear and simple parameter settings facilitate convenient and efficient operation. The input/output configuration function simplifies usage and wiring.

Key Features:

  • Parameter Settings: Set various control parameters for processing and operation to achieve optimal processing results.
  • Manual Operation: Supports manual, jog, return to workpiece zero point, return to machine zero point, and coordinate zeroing operations.
  • Program Management: Create, delete, modify, read, save, and automatically process programs, with continuous and pause functions.
  • Program Storage: Supports storage via USB, TF card, and internal small-capacity flash memory.
  • External Manual Control: Define multiple external manual functions for ease of use.
  • Flexible Input Functions: Allows limited input ports to fulfill various user requirements.

*Supports electronic handwheel.

*Supports USB storage.

System Components:

  • High-performance, high-speed 32-bit ARM CPU
  • LCD (resolution: 480×320)
  • Input/Output: 16 optically isolated inputs, 15+1 optically isolated 200mA pull-down outputs, 1 0-10V output
  • Additional functions as per the latest user manual

Technical Specifications:

  • Minimum Data Unit: 0.0001mm
  • Standard Accuracy: ±2PP
  • Continuous Linear Corner Accuracy: One-fourth of the corner bow height
  • Maximum Data Size: ±9999.999mm
  • Maximum Pulse Output Frequency: 50KHz (50KHz simultaneous for four axes)
  • Control Axes: Four axes
  • Linkage Axes: Four-axis linkage with three-axis multi-micro-segment lookahead interpolation control

Appearance and Panel:

  • Dimensions: Length 235mm, Width 140mm, Thickness 43mm (±2mm)
  • Cutout Dimensions: 219mm x 112mm (±2mm)



M002 16A 16B Four-axis Controller Getting Started Tutorial 02 Adapter Board

M002 16A 16B Four-Axis Controller Getting Started Tutorial 01 Power Supply

M002 16A 16B Four-axis Motion Controller Firmware Upgrade Tutorial

M002-16A-16B firmware upgrade
M002T20240116 (general version 20240116 ID tail number: 25632277. Please do not download and upgrade machines with other numbers than this!!!)




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