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The offline motion controller uses a high-performance 32-bit CPU, equipped with an LCD, a user-friendly window-type human-machine interface, an internal 2048KB flash memory and TF card interface, an external memory USB interface, and a light-touch operation keyboard. The system has the characteristics of high reliability, high precision, no noise, and easy operation.

The offline motion controller is a four-axis linkage and has a multi-micro-segment forward-looking control algorithm, which can realize four-axis linear interpolation and four-axis multi-micro and multi-line continuous interpolation, and has intermittent and continuous carving control.

Simple and clear parameters bring convenience and speed to your operation. The input/output setting function facilitates your use and wiring.

The main function:

Parameter setting: Various control parameters related to processing and operation can be set to achieve the best processing effect.

Manual operation: It can realize manual, jog, return to workpiece zero point, return to machine zero point, coordinate clearing, and other operations.

Program management: You can create, delete, modify, read, save, automatically process, continue, pause, and other functions for programs.

External manual: A variety of external manual functions can be defined for convenient use

Free selection of input functions: allowing limited input ports to meet various user needs

System composition:

The offline motion controller mainly consists of the following parts:

High-performance, high-speed 32-bit ARM CPU

LCD (resolution: 480×320)

Input/output (16 channels of photoelectric isolation input, 15+1 channels of photoelectric isolation pull-down tank flow 200MA output, 1 channel of 0-10 volt output)

Technical indicators:

Minimum data unit 0.001mm

Conventional accuracy is plus or minus 2PP measuring pole

Continuous straight-line corner accuracy is one-quarter of the corner bow height

Maximum data size ±9999.999mm

Maximum pulse output frequency 50KHz (four axes can be 50KHZ simultaneously)

Number of control axes: four axes, (X, Y, Z, A)

Number of linkage axes: four-axis linkage with four-axis multi-micro and multi-line forward interpolation control

Appearance and panel (±1mm): Overall dimensions: 235mm long, 140mm wide, 43mm thick

Opening size (±2mm): 219*112mm

M002-16A-16B firmware upgrade
M002T20240116 (general version 20240116 ID tail number: 25632277. Please do not download and upgrade machines with other numbers than this!!!)


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