smc4/smc5 supports inches?

No unit,
Depends on what unit the pulse equivalent is calculated in,If your program uses inches as the unit, the displayed result is inches, even though the interface displays cm

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      • Can this controller be used to control Servo motors also? I bought a SMC5 controller and have it installed, but cannot figure out how to control my servo motors. Where do I send the encoder signal? I will buy more controllers if I can figure out this problem.

      • My SMC5-5-N-N controller will not reset when I press the round control knob or the bottom left corner button with the X and 4 dots.
        The square border around the word RESET turns green but the word RESET stays red and continues to flash.
        Because it won’t reset I can’t make it do anything.
        Is there a way to resolve this problem?
        Thank You for the help

          • I have a SMC5-5-N-N offline controller
            ID#5582AACA 505C5F23 75E289EE 00000003
            Copyright 2020-8-13
            ShaoGe CNC V4.0.0
            Sorry to take so long to respond.
            It has been a long recovery.
            The controller looks to be of high quality but
            I need to be able to convert from metric to inch.
            Please email me the firmware to convert from metric to inches or explain what I need to do to change this.
            Thank you for your help

  1. Hello, Please send any updates or upgrades. Please send response even if no updates. Thank You. I love the controller.
    This is current machine info.
    ID: 557FAACA 505C5F23 75E289EE 00000003

  2. Is there a update to have the controller run in inches rather than metric?
    I have a 2021 version offline controller.

  3. Hi!

    My jog knob do not respond when I turn it. It has no effect.

    Pressing the knob work well and act as the “OK” button.

    Any clue what I can do?


  4. Looking for next generation 7 axis conctroller with bigger screen or stand alone or tablet interface via bluetooth
    Or wireless

    Need info on next hardware release

  5. I have a smc5-5-n-n controller ID 5586AAc6 505c5f25 75e289ee 00000003
    copyright: 2021-1-11

    Please email the file to run in inches

  6. Hello, can you please send me upgrade file for SMC5-5-N-N
    copyright: 2019-6-2
    my Controller ID: 55A7AAE4 40476025 86DE8CDB 00000003

  7. Hello, can you please send me upgrade file for SMC5-5
    Copyright: 2019.06.02

    ID: 55A7AAE4 40476025 86DE8CDB 00000003

  8. Hello,

    I have SMC5-5-N-N, and would like the latest firmware.

    This is what I have now-
    Shao Ge CNC:V4.0.0
    Copyright 2020-8-13
    ID: 5580AACA 505C5F23 75E289EE 00000003

  9. I have SMC5-5-n-n
    ShaoGe CNC: V4.1.2
    Copyright 2021-9-20
    ID: 5578AABf 43485620 8ADA8DE0 00000003
    Please send latest firmware

  10. Hello,
    I have a SMC5-5-N-N control panel. I need backlash properties. But my firmware old I need to new firmware.
    ShaoGe CNC: V3.8.8
    Copyright 2020-3-10
    ID: 5586AAE1 40476028 86DE8CDB 00000003

  11. Hello,

    Thanks for the updated software.
    We can’t get a response from the backlash value
    please let us know what matters need attention.
    Is the backlash unit in mm?
    Do I need to turn it off and on after typing a value?
    Does backlash work in mpg?

    thanks for your reply

    • backlash value unit is the same as pulse equivalent, pulse equivalent is calculated by MM, it also uses mm
      backlash value can only be limited in the G-code

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