SMC4-4-16A16B SMC5-5-N-N

smc4/smc5 supports inches?

No unit,
Depends on what unit the pulse equivalent is calculated in

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Can this controller be used to control Servo motors also? I bought a SMC5 controller and have it installed, but cannot figure out how to control my servo motors. Where do I send the encoder signal? I will buy more controllers if I can figure out this problem.

My SMC5-5-N-N controller will not reset when I press the round control knob or the bottom left corner button with the X and 4 dots.
The square border around the word RESET turns green but the word RESET stays red and continues to flash.
Because it won’t reset I can’t make it do anything.
Is there a way to resolve this problem?
Thank You for the help

Hello, Please send any updates or upgrades. Please send response even if no updates. Thank You. I love the controller.
This is current machine info.
ID: 557FAACA 505C5F23 75E289EE 00000003

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