The SMC5-5-N-N 5-axis motion controller is a standalone CNC axis controller without a PC that uses a high-performance 32-bit CPU and high-performance FPGA, equipped with a 7-inch LCD, humanized window man-machine interface, memory using an external USB port and a built-in 8G TF card, can be connected to U disk, working voltage 12 -24V ultra-wide input, light touch operation keyboard.

The offline cnc controller system features high reliability, high precision, low noise, and easy operation.

The standalone cnc controller can be linked with 5 axes, and has multi-micro line segment forward control algorithm, which can realize five-axis linear interpolation and five-axis multi-micro multi-line segment continuous interpolation, and has continuous line engraving control, power-off storage coordinate function. Support handwheel control interface.

Simple and clear parameters bring convenience and speed to your operation. The input/output setting function can facilitate your use and expand peripherals.



  • SMC5-5-N-N support 5axis
  • SMC5-5-N-N support connect handwheel
  • Maximum pulse output frequency 500KHz (all five axes can be 500KHZ at the same time)


  • U disk easy to break
  • Offline control does not support the network

SMC5-5-N-N Upgrade Firmware

You need tell me your serial number,then we sent you a upgrade file(NC_5.MD5),copy it to the root directory of TF, (note that a single file, not including folders)

Note: If the controller has already set the parameters, please take a photo backup and it will be cleared after the upgrade.

  • Plug TFcard in controller
  • In factory mode, enter, SZMAP0 (zero)
  • Wait for the controller to complete itself
SMC5-5-N-N Firmware
smc5-5-n-n firmware upgrade
SMC5-5-N-N Firmware
smc5-5-n-n firmware upgrade

If an error occurs after upgrading, please enter in factory mode, 000001, to restore the factory state.
If the overall system disk speed is slow after upgrading, please format the memory disk. The factory mode code is 010101. Note that the memory disk data will be cleared.

**Need upgrade Reply please serial number ID


smc5-5-n-n cell

SMC5-5-N-N Connect MPG

smc5-5-n-n connect mpg wiring diagram
SMC5-5-N-N How to connect MPG 

SMC5 Basic installation example

SMC5 Basic installation example
smc5-5-n-n wiring diagram

G codes supported by AutoGM

quickly moves to the given coordinate position

moves to the given coordinate position according to the given F value, accurate feed, CVL is invalid.

Pause, delay P suffix is ​​milliseconds, minimum is 500ms + P *

G05 P1XYZ45
safely move to the given XYZ45 workpiece coordinates

Example: G05P1X100Y100Z200A360B360
Return to the safe area according to the tool axis, then adjust the rotation axis, and then enter the tool according to the given workpiece coordinate tool axis.

safely move to the given XYZ45 machine coordinates

Example: G05P2X100Y100Z200A360B360
Return to the safe area according to the tool axis, then adjust the rotary axis, and then feed the tool according to the given mechanical coordinate tool axis.

move linearly to the given XYZ45 mechanical coordinates

Example: G05P3X100Y100Z200A360B360
Move directly in a straight line according to the given mechanical coordinates.

G05P4XYZ45T *
compares the given T * number with the T * number selected by the system. Move the equal side to the given XYZ45 mechanical coordinates, otherwise give up.

Example: Suppose the selected tool of the system is T2
Because T2 = system T2, the side safety moves to the whole area, and then moves to X100Y100Z100A360B360

G28 G28P1 G28P2 G28P3 G28P4 (tool setting) All functions are the same as G28 of the system
G90 G91 is the same as the system
M00 M03 M04 M04 M07 M08 M08 is the same as the system
M101 – 108 are the same as the system
M201 – 208 is the same as the system
M301 – M322 are the same as the system
M401 – M422 is the same as the system

Note: G41 42 AutoGM is invalid, but system G43 is globally effective.
It is not recommended to use RTCP in AutoGM, with G54-G59.

SMC5-5-N-N autoGM configuration

File Header (FileS) Before running G code, first run this code file

End of File (FileE) After the G code is finished running, run this code file

PAUSE Run this code file when paused

M6 When running G code, when M6 appears, run this code file

M600-M604 When running G code, M600-M604 appears, run the corresponding code file

AutoGM corresponds to the file control code, and only the U disk file import method is used:

Create and write

Use a PC to create a new GM folder in the root directory of the USB flash drive.
Then create the following files in the GM folder (if you don’t,then don’t create them).


Program the control code required for each file.

Import method

Select the function button corresponding to the interface, and the corresponding file name is displayed in the file basket at the bottom right

Then click Import. At this time, the code basket on the left displays the imported control code.

Start stop key

SMC5-5-N-N start stop key setup
SMC5-5-N-N start stop key setup
  • Before the file is ready or running, pressing the start / stop key will bring up the start / stop display basket.
  • If the G code file is already running, the side PAUSE: *** is displayed as the number of lines to be paused. Wait for the operation to pause after the *** line, and wait for the operation of the start or stop key.
  • If you press the start key while waiting, it will run to the next line and continue to wait.
  • If you press the start / stop button while waiting, the start / stop function will be abandoned.
SMC5-5-N-N setup


File Edit — FileList — Teach

SMC5-5-N-N setup teach

Auto fill in coordinates

SMC5-5-N-N setup


Machine — Controller — DrawPICMode : 2

SMC5-5-N-N setup af configuration
SMC5-5-N-N setup drawgcodepath
SMC5-5-N-N drawcgodepath

0: Do not select drawing during processing or open the processing path preview drawing in the file.

1: Start drawing mode, the pattern drawing mode is: G0 red, G1G2G3 and other given processing passes are blue.

2: start drawing mode,

X Position Y Position: The position of the Gcode origin in the figure.
X Y P: Gcode X Y magnification
Z Threshold: Gcode Z threshold
Z P: Z axis scale

When the Gcode Z-axis value is greater than the “Z-axis Threshold” given in the graphic parameters, the drawing is red.
The Gcode Z-axis value is less than the “Z-axis threshold” given in the graphics parameters. The chromaticity in the drawing is determined. The blue color is the base color in the drawing. Controls the brightness of blue. The maximum clamping value is 1F and the minimum is 0. Generally set the Z axis valve value as the deepest machining value of the Z axis.

SMC5-5-N-N Manual pdf

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