SMC5 G-code

Q:I remark it is impossible to manage sub program (G7x codes) and also some codes to change tool (Tx, M6, Hx, …)
Do you plan to take it into account in the future ?

A:G7x is not currently supported, and AutoGM function can be used for tool change

Q:The function “All Shaft Reset” does not work correctly.
Axes Z,A,B – do not reset

A:“All shart reset” only clears the workpiece coordinates, is it the current display of the machine coordinates, clr origin is the clearing of the machine coordinates, or this, “Machine-home– referenceCoor–Zero DCoor”, this value is modified, the default value is 0

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To change the tool, you need to do AutoGM according to your own machine status. Refer to the AutoGM specification file for details. The controller itself cannot control the rotary tool change.

Thank you.
Also i need to know how could i use an AC servo as spindle. The controller provide only +10V and GND, and the motor driver need -10V, +10V and GND. Please advice.

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