smc5 upgrade problem

After upgrade my smc-5-5-n-n button dones not work Z-Axis Zero?

If there is no problem with the machine, initialize the parameters after the upgrade

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Could you please add M98 M99 code to firmware for backlash?
Same code as Cura3d printer G code file output please, it would not require major software changes such as GUI change.
Maybe could copy code directly from Reprap or Grbl?

My ID is 5598AAE5 505C5F25 75E289EE 00000003

(re. Where can I get the update and how do I update the firmware for my SMC5-5-N-N ?)

Tell me the procedure for using the G43 code. If possible, then in the example.I just stop the program and then do not read the G code.

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