smc5 upgrade problem

After upgrade my smc-5-5-n-n button dones not work Z-Axis Zero?

If there is no problem with the machine, initialize the parameters after the upgrade

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Hello, Please add my email for future updates. Thank you.
ID: 557FAACA 505C5F23 75E289EE 00000003
Also, Please give advice for motor config settings. I have 1.8 deg. stepper motors (200 steps) and 5mm pitch ball screws. Thank you.

Could you please add M98 M99 code to firmware for backlash?
Same code as Cura3d printer G code file output please, it would not require major software changes such as GUI change.
Maybe could copy code directly from Reprap or Grbl?

My ID is 5598AAE5 505C5F25 75E289EE 00000003

(re. Where can I get the update and how do I update the firmware for my SMC5-5-N-N ?)

Tell me the procedure for using the G43 code. If possible, then in the example.I just stop the program and then do not read the G code.

Tell me how I can replace the tool after the M6 command manually, and how I can bind it to the tool. If you set the M0 command, you cannot move the XYZ axes. If you press the PAUSE key after the M0 command, the program lines are reset to zero. The manual tool change command M25 does not work, the G30 command does not work. Tell me how do I replace the tool and reset it? I have SMC5-5.

Good afternoon,

I have been using your controller for about a year now. Please send me new firmware for my controller

ID: 5573AAD2 505C5F27 75E289EE 00000003

Thank you

And another question, recently the machine has started to stop very often and
gives the same error on the controller. What could be the reason?
” SYS_Coor_Correct!!!! “

Because the pulse equivalent is small, and the continuous line segment of Y of the G code is small, the cumulative error cannot be adjusted properly. Please increase the pulse equivalent to between 400-800
If there is no way to increase the pulse equivalent, you can only adjust the fineness of the tool path in the CAM software.

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